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Pardubice - Main Square


Pardubice is a town (110 000 inhabitants) located in the centre of the Czech Republic on the Elbe (Labe) river about 100 km East from Prague.

The University of Pardubice has 10 000 students (2 500 of chemistry).

The weather during the August/September is typically dry with temperature of 18-25°C.

The currency in the Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (Koruna - CZK) - actually 27-28 CZK per Euro, Euro currency is accepted in major shops with exchange rate ~25/1.

The international airport of Prague (Vaclav Havel Airport -PRG) has frequent connections to major European cities, direct flights to Seoul, Beijing, Dubai, Montréal, New York and Toronto are also available. There is every 20 min. bus connection from the airport to the Main train station (Airport Express, AE, 2 Euro, duration 20 min.).

There are smooth train connections (SC, EC, IC, Ex, R, LE, RJ, rj - details will be given later) from the Prague Main Station located about 100 km West from Pardubice and there is each 20-30 min. service (duration about 50 min., one stop, 5 Euro). 

There are five direct trains a day from Vienna Airport (2.5 hrs, approx. 30 Euro).

The highway Prague-Pardubice is brand new and ends about 2 km before the town centre.

The public transport in Pardubice is quite frequent (, one way tickets are available in kiosks, automatic machines of by the driver per 14 CZK (0.5 Euro). Taxis can be found at major squares and at the train station - one trip per 100-160 CZK (4-6 Euro).

The detailed information about the travel to and in Pardubice will be available in April.

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